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Ability to change the Space Slug

I think many people would like the ability to change the name of Spaces to something that better fits how they are using Spaces on their site. it might be Stores, Orgs, Pages, or anything else.

This would change the name anywhere, be it labels for “Create a Space” or URLs will look like domain.com/[Spaces/Stores/Orgs]/[Space Name]

Under Review Category: Core Feature Nick Chomey shared this idea


  1. This would be ideal to be able to do without having to use a translate plugin. Custom slug is great, but also site-wide, swapping out the word should be possible for front and back end (for example, right now notifications say [user] sent a message to your Space – but what if that community isn’t using the term Space, but Business Page? The user receiving the notification is going to be very confused)

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