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Add social networking fields to Space About description - or better, allow flexible field definitions

Most businesses that might be listed in Spaces have at least one social network that they link on their websites. I’d like to see settings fields so that their links could be added (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube…) and displayed on the Space listing in a compact way. Perhaps as icons in the sidebar.

Even better. It’s going to be hard for you to have all the fields people want across all industries. I would suggest you consider using a mechanism like BuddyBoss does in their Profile Fields. When you create a user profile you have a variety of various field type to select from as you create a profile for your user types. You could do the same for Spaces types so the user could structure the About field with what ever fields that they want that are relevant for their business. I think just doing this on the About tab would be sufficient since that’s where people would go to find business information. This allows adding multiple description fields, emails, URL links — whatever people need to properly describe their business. It’s very nice and flexible. Maybe you can integrate with that or just model your own UX on a similar style.

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