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Allow business pages to be in DRAFT mode until it is ready to be published.

Some users like to work in chunks on creating their business page. This is helpful when resizing graphics and playing around with formatting and verbiage to fit the specific formats of this plugin. Having a DRAFT mode also allows business to turn their page on and off as necessary.

This also has the added benefit of being able to run automation off of the publishing of the page. This has implications on sending to main BB feed, emailing community members, and posting to social media. If this were done automation plugins could be updated to support these actions.

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  1. This is a feature I support too. But I would extend it to “ON for public” (everyone, and search engines can index it too)” and “ON for registered users only”. It could be that a spaces admin wants to ON his space for public although the website is private only. He/she should decide if his business space can be seen or not, and if yes how. Facebook has this feature. Sometimes you are able to see contents although you are not registered.

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