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Custom fields for Spaces + Use of the custom fields for filters and search

It would be ideal to allow the admin to add custom fields (similar to Xprofile) into a space, that will then represent back to the members of that space more info and allow great filtering/searching

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  1. This should be the first thing to focus on to actually market yourself as a “Directory” plugin.

    Categories aren’t enough for a true directory substitution.

    I’m looking into using Pods (extending Spaces capability & adding extra Taxonomies) and Search & Filter to create my own version, but essentially, to truly call Spaces a directorist replacement, it needs to have custom taxomony creation built in (several – i.e. – price range, industry, business type (services, product, brand) and other custom fields for very niche sites)

    Zip code, city, and state search should also be considered.

    One client is looking to make a directory for lawyers and categorize by practice, types of clients they represent, location, and online vs offline. That’s already 4 filter parameters. That client doesn’t really need a feed capability, but more just a landing page for each listing with about, images, contact info (services tab is a bonus) and the main index that’s searchable & filterable – which is most important.

    • Hi Jordan and Stefan! We hear you! ๐Ÿ™‚ That is the core of our custom fields system. ACF. Now rejoice! We are in the development phase but the progress is great. More news soon!

  2. Hi Stefan, we are now waiting for feedback to extend the use of custom field with Spaces and ACF and we also have tons of integrations to work on now.

    I cannot foresee metabox as an option anytime soon.

  3. Hi Spaces Team,

    I think that you should be able to assign Custom Field Groups to a specific space category or Space Type… I am creating a directory with multiple Space Types (Categories), ex: Churches, Businesses, Organizations etc

    • Hi Isaac,

      We have planned Space Types development for the following year. That will allow custom field groups to be assigned to specific space types.
      For now, all fields apply to all spaces.

      Thank you for your suggestions. Feel free to create a new feature request for Space Types and explain your concept further so everyone can read and vote.

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