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The Events Calendar Integration

We would like to allow Space Admins to run and schedule events right from their Space settings.

A few features considered are:

  • Create and schedule one time events: date, time, duration and location.
  • Location as online, presencial or TBC. (To be confirmed)
  • Event Link: URL placeholder for Zoom, Webinar platform, etc.
  • RSVP capabilities with + add to calendar.
  • Members able to comment on events.
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  1. It seems to me that you should take a page from Buddyboss and provide us with the ability to integrate existing events (and any other useful) plugins with spaces, rather than create your own. It would be a far better use of your time as it’s impossible for you to create something even slightly as functional as things like Modern Events Calendar, The Events Calendar, etc…, much less all the other functionalities that we might want to incorporate into spaces (LMS courses, classifieds, job listings etc…).

    My existing suggestion for custom tabs that can accept shortcodes and content filters (https://spacesengine.com/feature-requests/custom-tabs-for-spaces/) seems to be the easiest way to do this, just as BB profiles and groups allow for custom tab creation.

  2. Thanks, Nick for sharing your thoughts, custom tabs are still in the roadmap and it will come for sure.

    Why do we want to have a native Events management system as Spaces Engine?

    We know you can use custom tabs and create shortcodes to show each category of events (and use categories to represent each Space) inside each custom tab on the Space.

    But how scalable that solution is, if you have for instance 380 Spaces? Would you take your time to generate one by one category and create custom tabs for each shortcode?

    Or maybe easier to let the Space owners create, manage their own events?

    With the custom tabs you can always add a Global Events tab with your desired events listed there, but for communities with a few Spaces custom tab can be the right solution, but for those with more than 30, I can say there is a big challenge.

    Be assured the custom tabs will come, but we also want to serve those users that want to have most of their communities running on autopilot or managed by members rather than spend time creating shortcodes for custom code.

    The events management system will allow frontend events publishing, interactive comments section and native integration with the main activity feed that will increase engagement and RSVP.

    What’s your specific use case? Community with just a few spaces? Let us know so we can get more context on your requests.

    Thank you!

  3. I think there’s a misunderstanding with regards to how an integration with an events (or any) plugin would/should work. You seem to be under the impression that this would require an immense amount of manual work for the site admin and also be quite restrictive for the end-users, but that isn’t (or shouldn’t be) the case for most plugins – especially those that are compatible/integrated with BB. They dynamically display whatever their dashboard mechanism is, only showing relevant information and permissions for the current logged in user. This is done via a shortcode or some built-in code.

    To the extent that any of this isn’t quite possible out of the box with popular plugins, it seems to me that it would be by far the best use of your time to make it possible – just as BuddyBoss does with their supported integrations and the general extensibility of the platform – rather than recreate many far inferior, redundant wheels.

    Here’s some examples where the shortcodes seem to allow dynamic display of data depending on who is viewing them.



    Surely TutorLMS, when its BB integration is released, will allow for front end course creation in addition to viewing/managing your own course enrollments (which is possible with Learndash etc..)

    And, really, ANY buddypress/boss extension/integration should be funcitoning like this – allowing users to see and manage what is relevant to them from the front end, without needing admin input.

    Its the same with Facebook as well – we can all create and manage pages and groups without any input from Facebook.

  4. And just to make one thing very clear – custom tabs is not just some extra feature that should be alongside other features. It is THE solution that makes many of your proposed features completely redundant. It is exactly how BuddyBoss (and even WordPress itself) works – provide a platform/engine that is extendible by high quality specialty tools, which are manageable from the front-end by users.

    And, again, it is not just impossible that you’ll ever create something that compares to a fully-featured Events plugin, but you’ll create confusion and redundancy when there are two competing/conflicting events features on a site.

    I see how Spaces can be extremely useful, which is why I was an early adopter. But I can’t urge you strongly enough to focus your energy on making Spaces a hub that allows us to leverage the specialty solutions that we’re already using on our BB sites.

    This all seems so self-evident to me that if there remains any resistance to this after my various explanations, then I can only assume that I’m still not expressing it clearly enough, and I’d be happy to have a real conversation about all of this at any time.

  5. TEC is the most stable calender plugin out there. I don’t know how Modern Events integrates with BB – last time I tried it, it certainly didn’t integrate, nor operate smoothly. TEC is the going to be your best bet.

    Also +100 to everything Nick said

  6. I’m here after searching for a zoom integration with Spaces. I’ll second the opinion of others here that building an events feature from the ground up over an integration with existing, well-established, and very popular event plugins is a waste, but a standalone zoom integration similar to what BuddyBoss did in the social groups would be just swell!

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