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Improve the formatting of Services

The services formatting has a few issues that make it very difficult to create a list of services, particularly if you want to use a list of bullets.
1) I would suggest enabling the tinyMCE editor for the service descriptions so people can use bullets or other formatting in the description as desired.
2) It seems that there is a limited amount of text characters that can be entered for services descriptions. Right now there is a limit though it is very difficult to tell what the limit is and create a suitable description. I would suggest you allow unlimited text. Or if you are concerned with having a consistent layout of the services page with same size service items, you could limit the space and enable a More feature (a popup?) or if you have to limit the characters due to formatting concerns then I suggest you add a character countdown so the person creating the space knows how many characters they have left to work with as they enter text.
3) the formatting of the completed service sections are a bit funky, particularly when they have images. Theres a lot of white space between the title and the content of each service. Also there does not appear to be a setting to control the text color of service titles descriptions. It would be good to clean this up a bit and also allow the text controls in the settings.

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