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Lock Space Page Creation to only paying customers

We want to charge Vendors who want to create a Business (Spaces) Page on our site. Is this possible? No one would be allowed to create one on their own unless they paid a fee.

Completed Category: Core Feature William Jepson shared this idea


  1. We have released a solution within the latest version of Spaces. You can limit the number of spaces to be created or to remove completely the creation of them based on WordPress Users Role or BuddyBoss Profile Type.

  2. … i.e., there are a number of existing solutions to do this using membership plugins and user roles or profile types, but Spaces Engine does not currently restrict the creation of groups out-of-the-box. Paid Memberships Pro for instance allows you to restrict access the the “Create a Space” page based on the membership level (independent of profile type or user role). Spaces Engine is planning more monetization features too.

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