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Monetization of Space Creation and Featured Listings

It is essential for a Directory solution to include the ability to monetize the listings such as an integration with a membership plugin to restrict the creation of new spaces, limit the number of spaces that can be created by membership, and the ability to add a space as a “featured listing.” Other features of the spaces profiles could be added or removed from membership tiers as well, such as the video upload, the association with an existing group, and even the activity feed tab as an extended social feature beyond the basic listing.

Note that Paid Membership’s Pro has the “multiple memberships per user” addon to allow someone to buy a premium plan for their personal account and another one for their professional space.

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    • Thanks Joanna, I can see some use cases for that kind of feature, especially for sites that prioritize or require multiple spaces for a single account. Does Wishlist have an integration with Spaces Engine or is it just a broader compatibility with CPT’s?

      Currently I have limited 1 space per user in Space Engine settings and then restricted the “create a new space” page to members with a particular plan using Paid Membership’s Pro. PMPro allows for multiple memberships per user, so there is no need to create a separate account to create a listing or grant space creation in individual user plans.

      I understand that Spaces Engine has already implemented a “featured listing” badge, but it requires that the admin manually applies and revokes it in the backend. That could be semi-automated through an automation that notifies the admin that a featured listing plan is purchased, expired, or cancelled but this and other features in Spaces Engine can still be automated and monetized, especially for unlocking features to up-sell higher-level plans.


  1. We plan to create different Space plans that differ in terms of features. Therefore, we need a way to restrict custom tabs (including The Events Calendar and WP Job Manager) to SureMembers access groups.

  2. Featured/Promoted – any way we can get this option to show up in Bulk Edit & Quick Edit?

    Eventually ideally somehow automated/connected to a Woo membership or just via webhook/automation?

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