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Notifications Module

Currently, we have notifications for the messaging system.

We would like to implement a notifications system that can upgrade the current experience.

We can imagine notifications (native ones) for the following events:

User starts following the Space
User leave a review for the Space
User comments a post from the Space
User Like a Post from the Space
User is invited as Admin, Editor or Moderator for the Space

Planned Category: Core Feature Spaces Engine Team shared this idea

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  1. Please make this consistent with and integrate into the BuddyBoss notifications mechanism. That includes the control settings that allow users to select the notifications. These notifications need also show in the general notifications are so the can be dismissed when read. This would also allow badges to be automatically created on mobile.

    Please don’t create a whole new parallel system as it will be very confusing for users and ultimately will diverge from BuddyBoss.

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