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WP JobManager Integration

We want to have Job Listings tied to Spaces, where you’ll be able to include:

Job Title
Job Description
Apply Button

Each submission will notify the Space Owner and Admins and a record of applications will be saved on the Space settings for Jobs

If you have ideas for this module please do let us know!

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  1. hey guys – first this plugin / add-on looks awesome – this is an important piece of the puzzle that BuddyBoss is missing – LinkedIn / Facebook / Google etc all have functionality for Business Pages – we have an MVP that is missing the Business page / Company Profile (or spaces) feature and we’re looking at (reaching out to devs) an integration with WPJob Manager (an Automatic owned plugin that is already integrated with BuddyBoss) – problem is (similar to how you’ve addressed messaging) is that within the BB ecosystem it is managed by users (individuals vs businesses) – so we need a way for a user to a) be able to set-up a Business Page (space) and then post jobs as that entity (the Business). Not 100% sure you need to build from scratch though it may be easier and more forward thinking as WPJobManager is not evolving (no roadmap) and we’re looking at removing the resume process and using advanced search and filtering to effectively ‘match’ users and businesses concurrently – think of how DEV sites hire – it’s based on skillsets and so skills based hiring. Would love to chat wth you to learn more about how SpacesEngine will integrate to see whether there’s a synergy as we’re looking at custom solutions as well and do see this as an area where a DEV could build a tool that we believe a lot of current BB users would find valuable (we’ve come across others who need this) and be willing to pay for – AND maybe you’re our answer as well – our goal a) user with privileges (role based) is able to set-up up SPACES (Business Pages – number based on payment tier, so membership a=roleA=roleA functionality) b) SPACE (Business Page) can post jobs through WPJobManager (or similar) so they have a dashboard of applicants etc c) both Businesses and users can search and filter through all of the fields (custom) available to accurately source employment (think dating apps) d) you already seem to have the admin / editor etc idea in place – maybe there’s a way to work together on this piece and if not in your roadmap then perhaps we learn whether to end a means to integrate what we need and what you’re building – again, looks cool and definitely has an audience / place within the BB framework

  2. WP Job Manger integration would be awesome – so that the spaces can replace the default ‘companies’ option that newly posted jobs can be assigned to.

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