Creating a Space Subscription Package

If you have WooCommerce Subscriptions installed and activated, you can choose to create Space Subscription Packages. These are functionally similar to Space Listing Packages, but allow you to set a billing interval and period. WooCoomerce handles subscriptions entirely and Spaces Engine doesn’t get involved in how you set up any subscription. If you need more information, please read the official guidance.

Creating Your Package

Head to Products in the admin settings menu, and Add New. Follow the usual steps to set your subscription product up, including giving it a price, billing interval and length, writing a description, and giving it an image.

When you get to the Product Data box, select Space Subscription Package as the product type.

Configuring Your Package

Configure your package in the same way as a standard Space Listing Package.

Further Considerations

As subscription products are not intended to be indefinite, you will likely come across a user who lets their subscription expire, or manually cancels their recurring payments. When this happens, their Space functionality will be heavily degraded. We therefore recommend setting a Default Plan, which is explained further in our Getting Started article.