Getting Started With WP Job Manager

Spaces Engine for WP Job Manager is an extension to Spaces Engine. It is available for download on the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Before We Start

Spaces Engine will use the slug for WP Job Manager set under Permalinks in your main menu. This will become the title of the tab inside your Spaces. This means that Spaces will respect any name you have chosen for jobs, such as ‘opportunities’, ‘listings’, ‘positions’ and so on. For our initial version, the plugin will look for whatever is in that box, so it must be filled in, even if it just uses the ‘job-listing’ placeholder.


To connect WP Job Manager with Spaces Engine, please install the Spaces Engine for WP Job Manager plugin from your plugins screen. Activate it. If you see any errors about Spaces Engine not activated, please make sure you are running the latest version of Spaces Engine, or at least version 1.2.1.

Next, please flush your permalinks. Spaces Engine for WP Job Manager adds a new tab to your Spaces, using the WordPress Rewrite System, so if you see any 404 errors, this will be required.

Using WP Job Manager inside a Space

Now we have a suitable title for our jobs tab, installed the extension, and flushed our permalinks, let’s see what happens from the point of view of a Space owner.


Spaces Engine for WP Job Manager is a comprehensive jobs management system, operating exclusively inside a Space. You create and edit jobs for your Space only inside your Space. Even if you create a job outside of a Space, and enter the name of a Space as the company, it will not link the two. If jobs will only be created on your site by Spaces, you may consider restricting access to the ordinary WP Job Manager screens to prevent confusion.

As with most extensions and tabs, Space owners can switch off jobs for their Space. As usual, this is done via the Tabs and Buttons section of a Space’s settings. On the Space you are using to test the extension, go ahead and switch that tab on. Now refresh your page. You should see a tab in the Space navigation menu, labelled as per the permalink slug under Before We Start. Go ahead and click on it. Remember, if you see any 404 errors, you need to flush your permalinks. At this stage, it will be pretty blank. So let’s carry out one extra (and optional) bit of housekeeping.

Default Job Information

You should see a new settings menu item called Job Settings. This (very clever) feature removes the need to enter the same information into each and every job you create. If WP Job Manager is already familiar to you, this is the ‘Company Information’ you normally have to enter for each job. If you enter any information on this page, it will be automatically added to the job for you. Notice you don’t have to enter the name of your Space!

You can also choose to use filters here. If you only have ten or so jobs, filters may be unnecessary, and may even slow your site down due to additional queries.

Submitting a Job

If you have administrator access to a Space, you can create and manage jobs for that Space. Head back in to your new Jobs screen, and you should see three tab items. Anyone who can view your Space will see the content of the first one, as this is your list of jobs. At the moment, this tab is empty, as will the table under the Dashboard tab. So let’s create a job.

If you are familiar with WP Job Manager, you will recognise this form. The one obvious omission is the Company Information Section, as that is all handled automatically. To understand more about what these form fields are, see the official WP Job Manager documentation.

When you view a job inside a Space, we do something awesome to the salary. Rather than the pretty plain USD, GBP or EUR next to the salary, we format it with the appropriate symbol. To make this work please ensure you use the correct three letter currency code (such as USD, GBP, EUR etc) in the Salary Currency box. If you enter a currency symbol (or anything else) this will not work.

Remember you can set the default currency under your WP Job Manager settings, which will avoid this issue, especially where all your jobs will be in your home territory.


Something Isn’t Working on the Normal WP Job Manager Screens

All jobs for Spaces are administered via a Space itself. If you are using the normal WP Job Manager screens for other reasons (non-Space related jobs, individual site members submitting jobs etc) and something isn’t right, please deactivate Spaces Engine for WP Job Manager. If the issue persists, please contact support for WP Job Manager as it will be unrelated to our extension. If the issue goes away, please send us a support ticket in the usual way.

I See 404 Errors on My Job Tab

Please ensure you have flushed your permalinks and any site caches you may be using.

Remember: BuddyBoss does not recommend the use of caching plugins.

If you still see 404 errors even after doing the above, send us a support ticket in the usual way.

My Job Tab Says ‘Job-listings’. I Don’t Like This. Can I Change It?

Yes! Please read the Before We Start section at the top of this article.

I Can’t See the Map Inside My Job. Where Is It?

Spaces Engine for WP Job Manager lets WP Job Manager itself handle all geocoding. To set it up, read the official documentation.

The Create Job Tab and Dashboard Take Me Back to the Space Home Page

This is due to an empty Job listing archive page field under Settings > Permalinks. Please read the Before We Start section at the top of this article, for a guide. In the current version, it is a requirement that this is filled. In a future release, we will respect the empty field. If you have already set up the Jobs integration, you will need to switch on the tab that represents the new page you have set, under the permalinks page, in the Tabs and Buttons page of your Space settings.