How to integrate The Events Calendar with Spaces Engine

You will need multiple plugins to enable the Create Events for Spaces integration with the Events Calendar plugin.

We will cover both the admin and Spaces owner sides in this article.

Required plugins

  1. The Events Calendar Free
  2. The Events Calendar Pro
  3. The Events Calendar – Community Events
  4. Spaces Engine

Install these plugins first and then follow the next steps chronologically.

Create Categories – Admin

Go to Events > Events Categories from your WP Dashboard

Create as many categories as you need.

Event Categories

Allow Creating Events – Admin

  • Go to Spaces > Settings from your WP Dashboard.
  • Select the Events Calendar section.
  • Enable the Checkbox “Let your Space owners run events”.
Enable events

Limit Event Creation Capacities – Admin

Go to Events > Settings from your WP Sidebar and click on the Community tab.

Event Settings

As an admin, on this tab, you will get advanced settings to control the way events behave on your site.

To enable your manual approval for creating new events, set the Default status for submitted events to Pending Review.

You can also enable a T&C agreement and email notification when an event is requested. 

Enable the Events Tab – Spaces Owner

  • Go to your spaces profile and click on the Settings Tab
  • Go to the Tabs and Buttons section
  • Enable the slider beside Events
Enable Events Tab

Register as the Events Organizer – Spaces Owner

Reload / Go back to your spaces profile, you will see the events tab has been added. Click on the tab.

Event Organizer Registration

You will be prompted with a registration form.

Use your Spaces admin email.

N.B. – This is only a one-time process. Completing this will enable event creation permission for all the Spaces admins and moderators.

Create and Publish Events

Reload the Events tab. Now you will be able to create events from your Spaces.

Create Event Form

And this is what the members will see!