WooCommerce Monetization Ideas and Use Cases

In this article, we wanted to share some possible ways you could use the WooCommerce Monetization Integration to fund your community.

Booster Packages

This concept is based on having fully functional Spaces, apart from a particular feature you want to ‘boost‘.

So that every user gets a fully functional Space, create a Default Plan, as per the guidance in our Getting Started article. Switch on everything, and make sure any number fields are empty (this means that there is no limit on the number of Spaces users can create, the number of admins they can promote, and so on).

Next, create a Space Subscription Package, and set the billing interval to a month. Give it a price. And lastly, clear all the checkboxes apart form Feature Spaces in the Promotion and Marketing box. Publish your new product and market this product in your usual way. This could be as simple as setting up a simple shop page, or you could use 3rd-party extensions to create a simple product page where users can add to cart with the click of a button.

You have just created fully functioning Spaces, but given your users the ability to purchase monthly recurring licences to have all their Spaces listed as Featured. This means that for as long as this subscription is active, their Spaces will be at the top of the directory, and feature a gold star.

The Free Plan

This concept is useful for upselling higher packages. You will be creating a Free Plan that while free, must be purchased. This is a common marketing tool where users are required to sign up to a basic feature set, with the intention of upselling later on, or when their needs change.

Start with no Default Plan. This means that users can see Spaces, but can’t create them. Next, create a Free Plan, by specifying a price of zero. Users will be able to checkout without needing a credit card, but they will be required to add their billing details and contact information. This may be an opportunity to sign that user up to a mailing list or other marketing tool. Give this package a basic feature set. This could be the following:

  • Short description
  • Profile Picture
  • Cover Image
  • Website
  • Email Address

Market this plan in your usual way, alongside a range of premium packages that scale up the functionality accordingly.

If you are using our WooCommerce Monetization Integration in a different way, let us know! We love hearing about how you use Spaces, and even more when we provide you with the tools to financially support your community, and to grow in bigger and better ways.