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5 votes

Dedicated map view

Map view page showing all spaces with a filter control to show which categories, and the ability for users to turn on and off categories.

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16 votes

Google Map search

Include the ability to search using a map. Include an option “near me” and give a few options as to the distance ( 10, 25, 50 kms).

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3 votes

Post your needs

A great feature would be to allow members to post their needs into a category which would populate a page only spaces owners can see.

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11 votes

Allow business pages to be in DRAFT mode until it is ready to be published.

Some users like to work in chunks on creating their business page. This is helpful when resizing graphics and playing around with formatting and verbiage to fit the specific formats of this plugin. Having a DRAFT mode also allows business to turn their page on and off as necessary. This also has the added benefit of being able to run automation off of the publishing of the page. This has implications on sending to main BB feed, emailing community members, and posting to social media. If this were done automation plugins could be updated to support these actions.

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18 votes

Ability to tag spaces

It would be great if we could use wordpress’s tag functionality to attach relevant tags to each space. This would allow a many-to-many filtering system of organization to supplement the hierarchical parent-child organization system in place. Use case: I have an interest in getting some “pad Thai”. The directory is businesses in Washington. The organization to get the results page is restaurants > chinese. If there are 4 restaurants tagged #padthai, then I am able to directly get to the spaces I want.

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15 votes

Map View

Create a map view that pin spaces to the map in category colour or image…

Planned Category: Core Feature 1 comment
13 votes

List or Grid Viewing Option

Allow grid or list view, in keeping with the same style format as Buddyboss group/member view option with the ability to have list only, grid only or allow user to select.

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21 votes

Ability to change the Space Slug

I think many people would like the ability to change the name of Spaces to something that better fits how they are using Spaces on their site. it might be Stores, Orgs, Pages, or anything else. This would change the name anywhere, be it labels for “Create a Space” or URLs will look like domain.com/[Spaces/Stores/Orgs]/[Space Name]

Under Review Category: Core Feature 4 comments
13 votes

Back Button

Button on the space to take user back to /spaces home

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13 votes

Associate an existing Group during the create space process

Space Owners will have the option to link private Group while they are creating a public Space. That group will be associated with the Space in a new tab. That group tab will probably need an editable name, so people can describe their groups in a way that makes sense for their use case.

In Development Category: Core Feature 5 comments
13 votes

Notifications Module

Currently, we have notifications for the messaging system. We would like to implement a notifications system that can upgrade the current experience. We can imagine notifications (native ones) for the following events: User starts following the Space User leave a review for the Space User comments a post from the Space User Like a Post from the Space User is invited as Admin, Editor or Moderator for the Space

Planned Category: Core Feature 1 comment