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Fluent Forms Integration

Currently it appears like the only form plugin integration is with Contact Form 7. Fluent Forms is more popular with the BB community and has deep integrations with FluentCRM and FluentSupport.

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3 votes

WPAdverts Integration

I would like to have a native integration with WPAdverts that allows Spaces to publish classifieds via their Spaces profile. The classifieds should then be displayed in their own tab and the WPAdverts contact form should optionally be linked to the Spaces messaging system.

Under Review Category: Integrations 0 comments
7 votes

Better Messages Integration

I love the ability to message spaces, but I was wondering if you all had considered working with Better Messages for the messaging aspect. I love that they have the widget option and their message system is already somewhat integrated with BB. It would give a lot of us that messenger like feel that we want too. And it would work in App.

Under Review Category: Integrations 0 comments
23 votes

The Events Calendar Integration

We would like to allow Space Admins to run and schedule events right from their Space settings. A few features considered are: Create and schedule one time events: date, time, duration and location. Location as online, presencial or TBC. (To be confirmed) Event Link: URL placeholder for Zoom, Webinar platform, etc. RSVP capabilities with + add to calendar. Members able to comment on events.

In Development Category: Integrations 9 comments
16 votes

Create/Assign BB User/Member as Space Contact

Have an option to send notifications and direct messages to the User/Member who created the Space utilizing the default BB Platform Messaging system for Native App compatibility.

Under Review Category: Integrations 0 comments
16 votes

Better Visual "Integration" with BB Messages for more streamlined and functional workflow

I understand you can’t actually integrate with BB messages while allowing multiple users to have access to them, but I wonder if it might be possible to make a sort of “pseudo-integration” with BB messages such that it “looks like” Spaces messages are part of BB messages? This seems to be very important for reducing confusion and streamlining everything – the appearance/workflow is what matters to users, not how it is technically achieved. It appears to me that there are two facets of Spaces messages that need to be addressed and made more clear/streamlined/functional: 1. Users viewing/sending messages to others’…

Planned Category: Core Feature, Improvement, Integrations 3 comments
25 votes

Custom Tabs for Spaces

Ability to add our own tabs that can be populated with shortcodes or other mechanisms from other plugins. For example, being able to add an Events tab from our events plugin, or Classifieds section, or display blog/custom post types etc…

Planned Category: Core Feature, Improvement, Integrations 1 comment
23 votes

BuddyBoss App Integration

We know this is essential for many of you, but until the BuddyBoss Team release more hooks via their API we will not be able to move forward with this feature.Kindly vote to confirm your interest and get notified of any progress.

Under Review Category: Integrations 0 comments