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Integration with TEC - list of events rather than calender

Would like to use the TEC list of events widget rather than having a whole calender in the Events tab. I don’t think any of my Spaces would have use of the calender for their limited amount of events. Alt. Being able to dispaly the list of events widget above the calender.

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Lead Generation

LeadGen/Contact form displayed in spaces enabling the owners to generate potential leads. The form could be built by either the space owner or the site admin depending on feasibility.

Completed Category: Core Feature 2 comments
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Improve Card Design in Directory Page

Currently, the individual cards in the Spaces directory only includes the name, background image, and category of the space. Even the cards in the members directory of BuddyBoss has follow, connect, and message buttons. The cards in the Spaces directory should not include favorite, follow, and contact buttons, but featured/popular/recent badges, average customer rating, location, business hours, and maybe even number of views.

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profile navigation

The ability to hide spaces tab from the profile navigation. (in the images I have renamed listings)

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Add social networking fields to Space About description - or better, allow flexible field definitions

Most businesses that might be listed in Spaces have at least one social network that they link on their websites. I’d like to see settings fields so that their links could be added (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube…) and displayed on the Space listing in a compact way. Perhaps as icons in the sidebar. Even better. It’s going to be hard for you to have all the fields people want across all industries. I would suggest you consider using a mechanism like BuddyBoss does in their Profile Fields. When you create a user profile you have a variety of various‚Ķ

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Short & long space descriptions

Currently, there is no limit to the text in the space description. This can result in a very long sidebar. Please consider adding a short space description with a maximum of 700-800 characters, displayed under Home > About. And a long space description with no text limit, displayed on the About tab. General and Additional Contact Information could be moved to a sidebar. In the settings, please use text area fields for descriptions.

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Select Multiple Categories

For each space owners, it could be nice, they have the possibility to select multiple categories/subcategories instead only one

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Reviews and Ratings for Spaces

This feature will allow users of your website to leave reviews and ratings about your products, places or services. it includes: A few features considered for the reviews and rating system: 1-5 Stars selectionComment BoxAuthorProfile Image (Gravatar integration)Image Gallery attachments

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