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13 votes

Select Multiple Categories

For each space owners, it could be nice, they have the possibility to select multiple categories/subcategories instead only one

Completed Category: Core Feature 0 comments
6 votes

Reviews and Ratings for Spaces

This feature will allow users of your website to leave reviews and ratings about your products, places or services. it includes: A few features considered for the reviews and rating system: 1-5 Stars selectionComment BoxAuthorProfile Image (Gravatar integration)Image Gallery attachments

Completed Category: Core Feature 0 comments
3 votes

profile navigation

The ability to hide spaces tab from the profile navigation. (in the images I have renamed listings)

Completed Category: Core Feature 0 comments
1 vote

Lead Generation

LeadGen/Contact form displayed in spaces enabling the owners to generate potential leads. The form could be built by either the space owner or the site admin depending on feasibility.

Completed Category: Core Feature 2 comments