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Fluent Forms Integration

Currently it appears like the only form plugin integration is with Contact Form 7. Fluent Forms is more popular with the BB community and has deep integrations with FluentCRM and FluentSupport.

Planned Category: Integrations 1 comment
4 votes

Dedicated map view

Map view page showing all spaces with a filter control to show which categories, and the ability for users to turn on and off categories.

Planned Category: Core Feature 0 comments
15 votes

Google Map search

Include the ability to search using a map. Include an option “near me” and give a few options as to the distance ( 10, 25, 50 kms).

Planned Category: Core Feature 0 comments
9 votes

Google Maps Geolocation (Near Me)

On setup you can select a Location, then in the settings of the listing you can access the Google location. this is confusing my members as they are always asking why doesn’t it use Google maps rather than a manual Location selection, which I have to keep directing them. Can the Google Maps address be on the setup as well as if not without the Manual Location.

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17 votes

Ability to tag spaces

It would be great if we could use wordpress’s tag functionality to attach relevant tags to each space. This would allow a many-to-many filtering system of organization to supplement the hierarchical parent-child organization system in place. Use case: I have an interest in getting some “pad Thai”. The directory is businesses in Washington. The organization to get the results page is restaurants > chinese. If there are 4 restaurants tagged #padthai, then I am able to directly get to the spaces I want.

Planned Category: Core Feature 1 comment
7 votes

Improve the formatting of Services

The services formatting has a few issues that make it very difficult to create a list of services, particularly if you want to use a list of bullets. 1) I would suggest enabling the tinyMCE editor for the service descriptions so people can use bullets or other formatting in the description as desired. 2) It seems that there is a limited amount of text characters that can be entered for services descriptions. Right now there is a limit though it is very difficult to tell what the limit is and create a suitable description. I would suggest you allow unlimited…

Planned Category: Improvement 0 comments
9 votes

Google Locations

Use Google API location option as the Space location in the setup and be able to search locations in the archive page. Having the static location option is hard a lot of work and not very exact so don’t see the point when I can just use Google address API.

Planned Category: Improvement 0 comments
13 votes

Map View

Create a map view that pin spaces to the map in category colour or image…

Planned Category: Core Feature 1 comment
11 votes

List or Grid Viewing Option

Allow grid or list view, in keeping with the same style format as Buddyboss group/member view option with the ability to have list only, grid only or allow user to select.

Planned Category: Core Feature 0 comments
12 votes

Short code to all the "Add Space" page

Hi Spaces It would be awesome to have a shortcode (or an element) that would call the “Add space” page, that way we could add it into a block or elementor widget and top/tail it with other information

Planned Category: Improvement 0 comments