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Better Messages Integration

I love the ability to message spaces, but I was wondering if you all had considered working with Better Messages for the messaging aspect. I love that they have the widget option and their message system is already somewhat integrated with BB. It would give a lot of us that messenger like feel that we want too. And it would work in App.

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3 votes

Allow business pages to be in DRAFT mode until it is ready to be published.

Some users like to work in chunks on creating their business page. This is helpful when resizing graphics and playing around with formatting and verbiage to fit the specific formats of this plugin. Having a DRAFT mode also allows business to turn their page on and off as necessary. This also has the added benefit of being able to run automation off of the publishing of the page. This has implications on sending to main BB feed, emailing community members, and posting to social media. If this were done automation plugins could be updated to support these actions.

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5 votes

Add link expansion to Spaces activity posts for BB compatibility

I just discovered Spaces activities to not allow for link expansion like BuddyBoss does. Like if you are sharing a magazine article you want the post to grab the title, image and excerpt. Again, I’m surprised that Spaces are not just using BuddyBoss Activity APIs so we get all the same features and compatibility. This seems like you’ll always be chasing BuddyBoss. Either way, it would be great to add the link expansion to posts.

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14 votes

Ability to change the Space Slug

I think many people would like the ability to change the name of Spaces to something that better fits how they are using Spaces on their site. it might be Stores, Orgs, Pages, or anything else. This would change the name anywhere, be it labels for “Create a Space” or URLs will look like domain.com/[Spaces/Stores/Orgs]/[Space Name]

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10 votes

Deals and Offers for Spaces

We would like to create a module that will allow Space Owners to create and showcase public deals and offers. A few ideas for features here: Deals and Offers Status: Active, Ending Soon, Expired. Countdown to show the availability time of the deal or offer. Button Link to Buy or Redeem the offer.

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6 votes

Message Bot

Ability to create a sort of automated help bot who can prompt the user with options and will respond with appropriate information – hours, menu, etc…

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13 votes

Create/Assign BB User/Member as Space Contact

Have an option to send notifications and direct messages to the User/Member who created the Space utilizing the default BB Platform Messaging system for Native App compatibility.

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18 votes

BuddyBoss App Integration

We know this is essential for many of you, but until the BuddyBoss Team release more hooks via their API we will not be able to move forward with this feature.Kindly vote to confirm your interest and get notified of any progress.

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