Adding a Banner to the About Page

With custom fields, you can offer a Space a chance to show an image banner on their about page. This may be ideal if they have a promotion running. As usual, if the Space does not insert an image, none will be shown, and they can change the image as many times as they like.

Creating the Field

Please make sure you have understood how to create custom fields via our getting started article.

We are going to create a new field group, called Promotions. This will hold any custom data a Space will need for ongoing deals and offers, and we will expand on it when we learn about some very special widgets Spaces provides. For now, create the new field group, and add on custom field – Banner.

Select image as the field type. The real work is done by the ‘Make this image a header on the Space About page‘ toggle. Go ahead and switch it on.

We also recommend you provide some instructions to your Space owners on recommended image sizes. As this banner is designed to go at the top of the about page, we would recommend a minimum width of 2400px.

Populating the Field

Once you’ve saved your new field group, with it’s single Banner field, your Space owners will see it in their usual Additional Information form.

Displaying the Field

Finally, Spaces will determine if the field has been populated, and if it has, start displaying it on that Space’s about page.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, if you have any further questions please reach out to [email protected]