First Steps

Thanks for purchasing Spaces for BuddyBoss. Let’s get you up and running.


Installation is a breeze. Using the link provided in the email you received when you bought Spaces for BuddyBoss, or displayed in your account, download a copy of the plugin.

Next, head to your plugins page and install the plugin in the usual way. Click ‘Add New’ and then upload the zip file. Finally, activate the product, and you’re ready to go!

Activating your Licence

To retain access to all the awesome features of the plugin, to receive security updates, to upgrade to our newest versions and to obtain our fantastic support, you will need to activate Spaces for BuddyBoss.

To do so, head to the licence page in the ‘Spaces’ menu, and enter the key provided to you on purchase, into the box. Then, simply save the changes and click ‘Activate’. You should see a message saying the licence is activated.

Global Space Settings

One of the great features of Spaces for BuddyBoss is the flexibility it gives to Space creators to configure their Spaces as they wish. But there is also a range of settings for site administrators too, so you can give all the Spaces on your site a consistent look and feel. We recommend you configure these before you create your first Space. Let’s look at each one.

  • Google Maps API Key and Enable Autocomplete – this is such an awesome feature, we’ve written a whole article about it.
  • Giphy API Key – Giphy is an online database service that allows you to include and share Gifs in your activities and messages. Gifs are short, looping videos without sound, that instantly describe how you feel, what you are thinking, what’s happening and so on. To use Giphy with Spaces, you need to use the link to create an API key. Once you have it, enter it into the box provided, and that’s it! Spaces for BuddyBoss will detect it and do the rest. Every Space on your site will now be connected to Giphy, and your Space creators can start to use the service.
  • Space Deletion Behaviour – normally, Space owners can delete their own Spaces. Once they are gone, they are gone. By ticking this box, a deleted Space is put into trash, rather than permanently deleted. It will no longer be publicly viewable, and won’t feature in your Spaces index page, but it will still exist in your admin dashboard. This may be useful for auditing or record-keeping purposes, but please ensure you have considered your privacy policy when deciding to retain data.
  • Create Page ID – this is a setting you may be used to from other plugins. Often, you need to select which particular page to use for certain features, and you may have already done something similar when you chose a page for BuddyBoss to use for media, documents and so on. We have streamlined this by installing the page that will hold your Space Creation workflow when the plugin was activated. If you are happy with the page we created, then you probably don’t need to change this. However, if you want to change the page, then simply enter the page ID in this box.
  • Hide Spaces unless logged-in – Tick this box to hide your site’s Spaces from non-logged-in users. If you have set BuddyBoss to private, you will not need to worry about this setting.
  • Number of Spaces to be managed per user – we’ve written all about this here.
  • Styling tab – Use these options to change the colors across all your Spaces. These settings will match the color options you have already set within the BuddyBoss theme options. As you update those settings, such as button backgrounds or link colors, Spaces will track these colors and change accordingly. However, if you want to customise the color scheme for your Spaces, change any of the colors on this screen.

And that’s it. You should now be ready to create your first Space.